Finance & economics

Pain deferred
Has India’s moratorium on loan payments delayed the pain for banks?

It has shielded borrowers; but some banks may struggle once defaults are realised

Filling the coffers
The EU’s recovery fund revives a debate on common taxes

But for every tax proposed, there is a national veto

A sigh of relief, a gasp of breath
In emerging markets, short-term panic gives way to long-term worry

Emergency measures have helped keep economies alive, but could have nasty side-effects in the long term

Troubled waters
Bridgewater faces losses and a lawsuit

The most successful hedge-fund firm of all time hits a rough patch

The SPAC hack

The latest twist in the power struggle between Silicon Valley and Wall Street

Going for gold
The price of gold surges to an all-time high

And the dollar weakens against the euro

Free exchange
The fear of robots displacing workers has returned

But do not expect tech-induced lay-offs just yet

A lost asset
Emmanuel Farhi has died at the age of 41

The economist was one of the brightest minds of his generation

Shining brightly
Unusually, copper and gold prices are rising in tandem

An uncertain and uneven recovery explains their skyward leap

Free exchange
Why real-time economic data need to be treated with caution

The measures are not a proxy for overall economic activity

Chapter 11 is no longer a haven for deadbeat debtors

These days secured creditors are in control